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Cisco MPLS 4 Weeks 40 Hours Classroom / Online 10000
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In traditional routed networks, packets are forwarded on a hop-by-hop basis. Every time, when the packet arrives on the router interface, layer-3 header analysis is performed. Router does complex lookup process in routing table for every packet, bsed on layer 3 protocol address information.

MPLS is a packet-forwarding technology, which uses the concept of labels for making data forwarding decisions. In MPLS network, predetermined paths are established for particular source-destination pairs.
These are called Label-Switched paths. With this arrangement, a routers functionality becomes somewhat similar to switch functionality. Packets are switched from one network node to another based on labels, thus saving valuable router resources and speeding up data transfer significantly.

1. Basic MPLS Concepts

  • Drawbacks of Traditional IP Routing 
  • Basic MPLS Features 
  • Traffic Engineering 
  • MPLS Architecture Components 
  • MPLS Labels 
  • Label Switch Router Functions 

2. MPLS Labels and Label Stack

  • Where MPLS Labels Inserted 
  • MPLS Label Format 
  • MPLS Label Stack 

3. MPLS Applications

  • Applications used with MPLS 
  • Unicast IP Routing 
  • Multicast IP Routing 
  • MPLS Traffic Engineering 
  • Virtual Private Networks 

4. Label Distribution in Frame-Mode MPLS

  • Propagating Labels Across a Network 
  • Label Switched Paths 
  • Propagating labels using PHP 
  • Impact of IP Aggregation on Label Switched Paths 
  • Allocating Labels in a Frame Mode MPLS Network 
  • Distributing and Advertising Labels 
  • Populating LFIB 
  • Propagating Packets Across an MPLS Network 
  • Detecting Frame-Mode Loops 

5. Convergence in Frame-Mode MPLS

  • MPLS steady-State Operation
  • Routing Protocol Convergence After a Link Failure 
  • MPLS Convergence After a Link Failure 
  • Link Recovery 

6. MPLS Label Allocation, Distribution, and Retention Modes

  • Label Distribution Parameters 
  • Label Space 
  • Distributing Labels 
  • Allocating Labels 
  • Retaining Labels 

7. Discovering LDP Neighbors

  • Establishing an LDP Session 
  • LDP Hello Messages 
  • Negotiating Label Space 
  • Discovering LDP Neighbors 
  • Negotiating LDP Sessions 
  • Discovering Non-adjacent Neighbors 

8. CEF Switching

  • Standard IP Switching 
  • CEF Switching Architecture 
  • Configuring IP CEF 
  • Monitoring IP CEF 

9. Introducing VPN

  • Traditional Router-Based Network Connectivity 
  • Advantages of Virtual Private Networks 
  • VPN Network Elements 
  • Virtual Circuits in Switched WANs 

10. Introducing Overlay and Peer-to-Peer VPNs

  • VPN Implementation Technologies 
  • Overlay VPN Implementation Techniques 
  • Implementation Techniques for peer-to-peer VPNs 
  • Benefits of VPN Implementations 
  • Drawbacks of VPN Implementations 

11. Categorizing VPNs

  • Overlay VPN Categories 
  • Hub-and-Spoke Overlay VPN Topology 
  • Partial Mesh Overlay VPN Topology 
  • Extranet VPNs 
  • VPN Connectivity Category 

12. MPLS VPN Routing Model

  • MPLS VPN Routing Requirements 
  • Internet Routing Support 
  • Routing Tables on PE Routers 
  • Route Distribution to CE Routers
  • VRF Lite 
  • MPLS Label Filtering 
  • PE-CE Routing with RIP 
  • PE-CE Routing with OSPF 
  • PE-CE Routing with EIGRP 
  • PE-CE Routing with BGP 
  • Internet Access 
  • Creating P2P L2VPN 
  • MPLS VPN Performance Tuning
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Sagarika Chandrakant Wagh


Mukesh sir delivered the technical information needed to pass the Exam in a manner that I could retain and understand easily. I never had a better experience of Classroom Training Environment where the very core complex technical issues were being delivered in a very simplistic and comprehensive way. I will definitely refer any of my peers to Softech Systems.

Ashutosh Anna Jagtap


The Class was Very good and to the point.Thanks for your efforts. I enjoyed the instructor's humor. If other technical classes were this fun I would probably have a whole list of certifications.

Deepali Suresh Nehere


Thanks for everything. I have undergone lots of accelerated courses in my student life and you are "The Best" instructor I ever had. When I came in to this class, I was bit worried about the amount of knowledge that I had to learn in a very short time. Thanks to Excellent Training efforts. I am feeling VERY comfortable with all the information and teachings you provided.

Akshay Sarjerao Kadam


This class was one of the best instructed classes I've had. You managed to takedrycontent and keep all your students engaged and interested throughout the course.There were numerous opportunities to practice what we learned and directly apply the knowledge.

Dadhale Sambhaji Kishan


You did your usual excellent job with the training, and you are one of the very few Technical institute that live up to their name. You are indeed Excellent Training! I m brimming with confidence that I will pass the CCNP Support test easily

Vaibhav Tamhankar

Cisco - Multi-Protocol Label Switching

Really enjoyed the class. I have already recommended it to a coworker. I generally never attend training because it is not worth my time. Your class is different, very good participation from the students, the instruction pace is good, the instructor had a good sense of humor, and your teaching skills are very good. If I can, I will certainly try to take other classes that you teach.

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