Cyber Crime & Forensics Investigation

Cyber Crime & Forensics Investigation

Batch Duration Hours Training Type Fees
Cyber Crime & forensics Investigation 15 Days 45 Hours Classroom / Online 18000
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The curriculum of this course focuses on specific security discipline of computer. The course helps the learner to gather necessary skill set for identification of intruder’s footprints and evidence for its prosecution by following a detailed methodological approach to computer forensic and evidence analysis.

The syllabus is designed to fortify the application knowledge of law enforcement personnel, system administrators, security officers, defense and military personnel, legal professionals, bankers, security professionals, and anyone who is concerned about the integrity of the network infrastructure.


Eligibility: The students should have the basic knowledge and understanding of Hacking Concepts and Methodologies.

Training Program Contents:

1. Introduction to the Internet.
2. Introduction to Cyber crime.
3. Introduction to the cyber crime investigation.
4. E-mail Investigation.
5. Server logs Investigation.
6. Introduction to the Cyber forensics.
7. Password cracking of different files and O.S.
8. Live computer Forensics.
9. Removable devices forensics.
10. Digital Forensics.
11. Digital Anti-Forensics.
12. Forensics Imaging.
13. Network forensics.
14. PDF Forensics.
15. RAM Forensics
16. Data recovery.
17. Investigating network sniffers logs.
18. Intellectual property crime Investigation.
19. Financial Crime
20. Digital signature crime.
21. Cyber crime and Law.
22. Sample documentation.

How can I be an "Certified Cyber Crime Investigator"?

Once you finish our course and clear our examination which includes practical assessments, you would be a Certified CCI.

I cannot attend training on weekdays. Are there any weekend batches?

Yes of course, we do have weekend batches. You may opt for our weekend courses.

Would you provide hands-on?

Yes, We provide hands-on for all our courses in our specially designed labs

What are the minimum educational requirements to apply for CCI?

A graduation degree in any field is sufficient. If not there is a pre test that you need to appear; if you clear the same you can attend the training or you should from technical background and should completed Ethical hacking training.

Are group discounts given?

Yes, group discounts are given. Additional details will be given by our team. Please email us stating your requirement and contact details; our representatives will get in touch with you.

What all are the different career opportunities in security field?

You may choose your career from the following: • Cyber Crime Investigator • Cyber Security Consultant in Banks • Fraud Investigator. • consultant for government officials • Investigator of financial frauds • Forensics Analyst

What is Cyber Forensic & Digital Crime Investigation?

Cyber Forensic & Digital Crime Investigation course completely deals with the cases related to the authenticity and admissibility of the digital evidences in the court of law, with emphasis of its legality within the grounds of Cyber Forensics.

What is the scope and career of forensic education and related courses?

Forensic Science offers a wide range of opportunity to the students aspiring to make their careers as Forensic Scientists and Investigators. With a sense of keen observation and the ability of seeing the unseen are a few traits that would promise the aspiring students to make a colorful career in the wonderful arena of Forensic.

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Sagarika Chandrakant Wagh


Mukesh sir delivered the technical information needed to pass the Exam in a manner that I could retain and understand easily. I never had a better experience of Classroom Training Environment where the very core complex technical issues were being delivered in a very simplistic and comprehensive way. I will definitely refer any of my peers to Softech Systems.

Ashutosh Anna Jagtap


The Class was Very good and to the point.Thanks for your efforts. I enjoyed the instructor's humor. If other technical classes were this fun I would probably have a whole list of certifications.

Deepali Suresh Nehere


Thanks for everything. I have undergone lots of accelerated courses in my student life and you are "The Best" instructor I ever had. When I came in to this class, I was bit worried about the amount of knowledge that I had to learn in a very short time. Thanks to Excellent Training efforts. I am feeling VERY comfortable with all the information and teachings you provided.

Akshay Sarjerao Kadam


This class was one of the best instructed classes I've had. You managed to takedrycontent and keep all your students engaged and interested throughout the course.There were numerous opportunities to practice what we learned and directly apply the knowledge.

Dadhale Sambhaji Kishan


You did your usual excellent job with the training, and you are one of the very few Technical institute that live up to their name. You are indeed Excellent Training! I m brimming with confidence that I will pass the CCNP Support test easily

Vaibhav Tamhankar

Cisco - Multi-Protocol Label Switching

Really enjoyed the class. I have already recommended it to a coworker. I generally never attend training because it is not worth my time. Your class is different, very good participation from the students, the instruction pace is good, the instructor had a good sense of humor, and your teaching skills are very good. If I can, I will certainly try to take other classes that you teach.

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