CCNA Security

CCNA Security

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CCNA - Security 6 Weeks 60 Hours Classroom / Online 10000
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In today’s world, we are getting more and more dependent on computers and computer networks. Whether it is a matter of money transfers between banks or you talk about telecommunication, electrical power distribution, health and medical fields, nuclear power plants, space research and satellites - Data is the most precious factor of today’s businesses. Top business organizations spend billions of dollars every year to secure their computer networks and to keep their business data safe.


CCNA Security helps you learn to secure your computer network and network infrastructure devices to prevent unauthorized access, data theft, network misuse, and data modification. The growing number of cyber-attacks has created amazing employment opportunities for those with in-demand skills.


CCNA–Security practitioners learn associate-level skills in network security, while gaining additional opportunities to grow within this exciting field. The certification validates associate-level knowledge and skills required to secure Cisco networks. With a CCNA Security certification, a network professional demonstrates the skills required to develop a security infrastructure, recognize threats and vulnerabilities to networks, and mitigate security threats.


The curriculum of the course focuses more on core security technologies, the installation, troubleshooting and monitoring of network devices to maintain integrity, confidentiality and availability of data and network devices.


Exam Number  210-260 IINS [Implementing Cisco Network Security]


Exam Prerequisites

Any valid Cisco CCENT, CCNA Routing and Switching, or any CCIE certification can act as a prerequisite.


Training Prerequisites:

Working knowledge of the Windows operating system

Working knowledge of Cisco IOS networking and concepts


Ideal for:

Network engineers, data/telecoms engineers or telecoms support engineer

Network Security Concepts

  • Security Principles
  • Security Threats
  • Cryptography concepts


Secure Network Access and Management 

  • In-band Management and Out-of band Management
  • Secured Access through SNMP v3 using an ACL
  • Security for NTP
  • Using SCP for file transfer
  • AAA concepts - RADIUS and TACACS+ technologies
  • 802.1X authentication
  • BYOD architecture framework
  • Mobile Device Management (MDM)


VPN Technologies

  • IPsec protocols and delivery modes (IKE, ESP, AH, tunnel mode, transport mode)
  • Hair pinning, Split tunnelling, always-on, NAT traversal
  • Clientless SSL VPN using ASDM
  • Basic AnyConnect SSL VPN using ASDM
  • IPsec site-to-site VPN on Cisco routers and ASA firewalls


Secure Routing and Switching

  • Security on Cisco routers
  • Securing routing protocols
  • Securing the control plane
  • Common Layer 2 attacks
  • STP attacks
  • ARP spoofing
  • MAC spoofing
  • CAM table (MAC address table) overflows
  • CDP/LLDP reconnaissance
  • VLAN hopping
  • DHCP spoofing
  • Mitigation procedures
  • DHCP snooping
  • Dynamic ARP Inspection
  • port security
  • BPDU guard, root guard, loop guard
  • VLAN security


Cisco Firewall Technologies

  • Operational Strengths and Weaknesses of the different firewall technologies
  • Proxy firewalls, Application firewall, Personal firewall, Stateful and Stateless firewalls
  • NAT on Cisco ASA
  • Zone-based firewall (Zone to zone, Self zone)
  • Cisco Adaptive Security Appliance (ASA)



  • IPS deployment considerations (Network-based IPS vs. host-based IPS)
  • Modes of deployment (inline, promiscuous - SPAN, tap)
  • IPS technologies - Rules/signatures, Detection/signature engines, Trigger actions/responses, Blacklist (static and dynamic)


Content and Endpoint Security

  • Mitigation Technology for E-mail-based threats
  • Mitigation technology for web-based threats
  • Mitigation technology for endpoint threats – (Anti-virus/anti-malware, Personal firewall/HIPS, Hardware/software encryption of local data)
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Sagarika Chandrakant Wagh


Mukesh sir delivered the technical information needed to pass the Exam in a manner that I could retain and understand easily. I never had a better experience of Classroom Training Environment where the very core complex technical issues were being delivered in a very simplistic and comprehensive way. I will definitely refer any of my peers to Softech Systems.

Ashutosh Anna Jagtap


The Class was Very good and to the point.Thanks for your efforts. I enjoyed the instructor's humor. If other technical classes were this fun I would probably have a whole list of certifications.

Deepali Suresh Nehere


Thanks for everything. I have undergone lots of accelerated courses in my student life and you are "The Best" instructor I ever had. When I came in to this class, I was bit worried about the amount of knowledge that I had to learn in a very short time. Thanks to Excellent Training efforts. I am feeling VERY comfortable with all the information and teachings you provided.

Akshay Sarjerao Kadam


This class was one of the best instructed classes I've had. You managed to takedrycontent and keep all your students engaged and interested throughout the course.There were numerous opportunities to practice what we learned and directly apply the knowledge.

Dadhale Sambhaji Kishan


You did your usual excellent job with the training, and you are one of the very few Technical institute that live up to their name. You are indeed Excellent Training! I m brimming with confidence that I will pass the CCNP Support test easily

Vaibhav Tamhankar

Cisco - Multi-Protocol Label Switching

Really enjoyed the class. I have already recommended it to a coworker. I generally never attend training because it is not worth my time. Your class is different, very good participation from the students, the instruction pace is good, the instructor had a good sense of humor, and your teaching skills are very good. If I can, I will certainly try to take other classes that you teach.

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