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This is our first interaction in hacking track. And in this track we are going to learn how to hack computers,
networks etc. To put it in simple words - Hacking is simply a technical skill or set of skills, which includes
planning and attacking the systems by exploiting the vulnerabilities and weaknesses. But be aware, if you plan
to hack, you are the only person responsible for the consequenceses. So if you do something illegal with
computer systems, wholesole responsibility is yours. Do not blame anybody else. So in this track we are going
to learn Introduction to Hacking , How to do Hacking, How to plan the attacks, Why you do hacking, What you
can do with Hacking, in short how Hacking works.

What is computer hacking?

In a simple language 'Hacking is a non-conventional way of interacting with the system'. Here Conventional way
means how software designers want you to interact with that system. So if you want to access any file of any
particular drive, you have to open 'my computer' then you may double click on that drive and access that file.
This is the conventional way to interact with the system. In other side a non-conventional way means accessing
file with the help of Live CD's or by cracking login password etc..

Types of Hackers:

Hackers can be divided into three groups:

White Hats (Ethical Hackers):

Ethical Hackers are the security professionals who use their knowledge to protect computer networks. In short
these are good guys who use their skills for good purpose only.

Black Hats (Crackers):

These are the professionals who use their knowledge to break in to the security systems. In short these are the
malicious hackers or a bad guys who uses their knowledge for bad purposes only.

Gray Hats (Good or bad hackers, depends on the situation):

Gray hats are hackers who may work offensively or defensively, depends on the situation.
Example: A security professional who works in a company for security and at the same time leaks company
secrets outside world.

Hackers Motivation:

Regardless of the hacker's profile, knowledge or skill sets, they are all usually grouped based on following
creteria :

  • Curiosity 
  • Desire for recognition or fame 
  • revenge 
  • financial gain 
  • love of puzzles


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